Saturday, November 8, 2014

The Old Apple Tree Shanty

The old Apple Tree Shanty restaurant which opened in 1949 was located at 8710 East Colfax Ave. at Xanthia Street. The Apple Tree Shanty graced the east Denver city limits on Colfax Avenue until the late 1990s.

Their specialty dish was beef tenderloin tips seared in a unique cast aluminum apple mold with a removable lid. The mold and lid were heated to a high 400 degree temperature on the apple wood grill, then the seasoned tips were stuffed in the mold and topped with the hot lid. The dish was served in the mold on a white plate. The beef came out perfectly seasoned and seared to medium rare. This dish was accompanied by a giant loaded baked potato.

In the 1990s it became the Del Rio restaurant and then most recently became The Word religious bookstore. As of 2014 the property was for sale for $324,000.

Here's hoping someone buys the property to open a restaurant or café again! (courtesy East Montclair Neighborhood Association)


  1. My family made an annual trip from Kansas City just for the sealed apple steak it is one of my fondest memories If I was on death row this would my last meal The baked beans were unbelievable

    1. I too am from KC ...back in the 60's as a child we would travel out to Grand Lake,CO..and always stop at the AppleTree Shanty ...great memories

  2. In 1965 when I was 17, my parents & I stayed a Saturday night in Denver on a vacation trip from North Texas to Montana. Somehow, my mom found an ad for the Apple Tree Shanty and we decided to try it. It was fabulous! Since I first got on the Internet in 1995, I've been searching unsuccessfully for something about the Apple Tree and was beginning to think I dreamed it. Glad to find it here. Sorry it is gone.

  3. Our family of 10 from Omaha, NE ate there on a vacation in the early 1960's! Never forgot that place. Thought it was the best meal I'd ever had.

  4. I moved to Aurora in '76 and had my first meal out at Apple Tree Shanty; the first of many times over the next four years. I'll never forget the great meals.

  5. In 1955, we lived in Aurora and ate at the Apple Several times until 1958 when I graduated from Denver University and then moved away. Always remember it, but never got back to enjoy it.

  6. My husband and I lived in Denver from 1974 to 1978 and the Apple Tree Shanty was one of my favorites. I loved the ham steak with plum sauce and their apple muffins were wonderful. Wish they were still there.

  7. I worked there one summer in the late 60s. I was stationed at Lowry AFB as an Instructor and needed a job. I washed pots and pans for the whole summer season. The food was wonderful and the young kids I worked with were fantastic.