Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Holmes did NOT hang at The Zephyr Lounge on Colfax.

     Rumors have been flying all over the AP Wire and other international news agencies about the shooting incident at the Century 16 Theater in Aurora, Colorado, including James Holmes' alleged time spent drinking at his "favorite local hang": The Zephyr Lounge at 11940 East Colfax Avenue. That's simply not true, because according to Zephyr Lounge owner Myron Melnick, he's never set foot in the place.
     Drinking stories emerged from "employees" and regulars at the bar involving Holmes, such as one from Jack Mitchell, a 45-year-old furniture mover, who took pity on the lonely figure and joined him for several rounds of a “Two for two dollars” beer promotion that night. "On Tuesday he was drinking beer at the Zephyr Lounge on East Colfax Avenue, close to his apartment, and appeared to be acting normally," he said. “We talked about the Denver Broncos NFL team and he came across as a bright guy who carried himself with a bit of a swagger.”
     He added that Holmes wore a pair of sunglasses pushed back on his head and was carrying a backpack. “It makes me shudder to think now what he might have been carrying in it,” said Mr Mitchell, “but at the time I just thought he was a student type who probably carted his books around like that.”
     Another regular at the Zephyr, Rachel Reed, 25, described him as “usually the silent type who’d probably have run a mile if a girl showed interest in him”.
     But she said one night he flipped when she played rapper Lil Wayne on the jukebox. She said: “He made some racially charged comments about rap. I was shocked by his outburst. It was scary.”
     As a result of the mass media exposure, the phone at the Zephyr Lounge has been ringing off the hook with queries from reporters worldwide.
The Zephyr Lounge
     But Zephyr Lounge owner Myron Melnick declares emphatically that James Holmes did not drink here. According to Westword's Dave Herrera, Melvin Evans is the man who claimed to have been working at the Zephyr a few Sundays ago, when Holmes came in to listen to karaoke. But according to the bartender, Evans hasn't worked at the bar in years. "He was laidback, kept to himself, never really talked to anybody," Evans, wearing mirrored sunglasses, had said of Holmes. "The conversations we did have were very short. I mean, he was somebody that you wouldn't even look at twice walking down the street. Very, very mellow."
     "Melvin is full of it," says Myron Melnick, who took the Zephyr over from his father, Barry, nearly a decade ago. "Melvin worked here four years ago." That's when he worked the door, anyway. According to Melnick, Evans came back two years ago and worked the parking lot from midnight to 3 a.m. for eight weeks. So no way could he have seen Holmes, who moved to Aurora last year, at the Zephyr.
     For that matter, "None of my bartenders have ever seen the guy," Melnick says. "We pretty much know who comes in here. I'm not here 24 hours, but I'm here a good amount, and I've never seen him, and I've called all the help, and none of them have seen him in here."
     But he's seen plenty of reporters following this story. One gentleman from ABC got sideways with him, telling Melnick, "Well, I've got three people who say they've seen him there," he relates. "I've got this guy who works here who came in about this time and he said, 'Oh yeah, that guy was selling dope and CDs outside in our parking lot.'
     "I'm sorry," Melnick concludes, "I don't think the PhD candidate was selling dope and CDs in my parking lot. And keep in mind that during the time people claimed to have saw him here, he had dyed his hair orange. I think everyone would notice if Bozo the Clown walked in."


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