Monday, April 23, 2012

This Ain't No Cowtown

From "Greetings and Salutations All. It's been an extremely trying and stressful task, but with over 70 bands and over 300 tracks submitted we have finally come to the final track list for our first comp, "This Ain't No Cowtown, Vol 1" (A Colorado Comp). We cannot thank you all enough. This has truly been an amazing experience. We knew going into this that a lot of bands would be left out (but certainly not missed, mind you), which is why we have decided to make these compilations as a series, starting with Volume 1 of 'This Ain't No Cowtown" (A Colorado Comp).'"

Bands included on the comp:
-The Big Motif:
-Black Dots:
-Black Sleep of Kali:
-Chella Negro:
-Glass Hits:
-I Sank Molly Brown:
-Il Cattivo:
-Iuengliss/Tommy Metz:
-The Morning Clouds:
-New Ben Franklins:
-Oliver Vanity:
-The Outfit:
-The Raven and the Writing Desk:
-Robin Walker (CougarPants):
-Royal Talons:
-Safe Boating Is No Accident:
-School Knights:
-Serious Moonlight:
-Shiny Horses:

Comedians included on the comp:
-Greg Baumhauer:
-Adam Cayton-Holland:
-Chris Charpentier:
-Charly "City Mouse" Fasano (poet)
-Brent the Great:
-Nathan Lund:
-Ben Roy:
-Sam "Danger" Tallent:

Download the full album at

'This Ain't No Cowtown (A Colorado Comp)', Vol 2 is now available to download for FREE! 25 tracks from 25 Colorado bands!
Download for free here: 

'This Ain't No Cowtown (A Colorado Comp), Vol III (Kings) is now available!! You can download the 27 track/27 band comp for FREE or 'Name Your Price' with ALL proceeds going to Rev Jim Norris' medical bills:

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