Sunday, April 15, 2012

Scene on Colfax - Karen Cuda & Jon Solomon

I never know who'll I'll run into while crawling Colfax in the wee hours of the night. Last night, it was a couple of local celebrities rockin' out with Mojo Nixon at the Lion's Lair.

Karen Cuda and Jonny Barber
Karen Cuda was just forming the band Hemi Cuda when we first met. I was so enamored of Karen and guitarist Anika Zappe that I released Hemi Cuda's first CD, "Classics for Lovers", on my now defunct record label, Pop Sweatshop. I'm so proud to see my girl all grown up now and rockin' in the big leagues with the band Nashville Pussy.

From "Nashville Pussy have celebrated their brand of genuine rock n' roll for more than a decade, in classic style at times, surprising at others, but always earthy, raw and unadulterated. Their songs are mostly about fun and good times, but occasionally – as in the case of 'Late Great USA' – they also stick the finger into an open wound."

Westword's Jon Solomon and Jonny Barber

Jon Solomon was the last known press writer, agent or affiliate to ever interview now legendary Elvis Impersonator, The Velvet Elvis, while he was still alive. The Westword interview was conducted on the phone, while Velvet was on tour in New York City. He was attempting to navigate an RV through Manhattan, and respond to rather intimate questions, detailing the rise and fall of a lesser King, at the same time. Jon ultimately delivered a moving account of The Velvet Elvis' life. Cheers, Jon! Great to see you out on Colfax.

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