Sunday, April 22, 2012

Root 40 Kickoff Expo

Root 40 Kickoff Expo at the Fillmore Auditorium

Welcome Committee

Phil Nadeau - Nadeau Guitars
Dan Kugler - No Name Guitars
Erika - CODA Media Replication
Tammy Baretta - Colorado Sound Studios
Tessa Meis - Meis Musical Instrument Repair
L2 Arts and Culture Center
"Skinny" Winkler and Steve Franseen - SSS Productions
Laura Kelly - Elle Kelle Productions / Christian Blochinger - Potcheen Folk Band
Katey Laurel
Bill Martin - Shadow Sportswear

Doug Johnson - Bar None Bunkhouse
Of David
The ever elusive Hilleary Waters - Life On Capitol Hill
Musicians in Action
Caleb Grose
Barb Dye and Mark King - COMBO
David Barber and Shirley Wheeler of
Charles Banks - Avatar Creative Services
Blown Out of Water
"The Cap'n"  Christian Blochinger - Potcheen Folk Band

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