Saturday, December 12, 2020

Jesse Owens visits Emerson Street East Restaurant on Colfax

This 1972 Original Photo by DENVER POST PHOTOGRAPHER BARRY STAVER shows Jesse Owens, winner of 4 gold medals in 1936 at the Olympic Games in Berlin, Germany, finding his photo amid the collection of all-star athletes gracing the walls of the Emerson Street East Restaurant at 900 East Colfax Avenue operated by William Parella.  Owens visited sports-oriented dining spa during Denver, Colorado visit promoting "Great Olympic Moments," limited edition silver medals offered until September 10 on public sale by Coca-Coca Bottling Company to raise funds to help send America's 1972 Olympic athletes to Munich.


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  1. I was a prep cook there!! A million years ago. We could eat oysters and lobsters like they were Snickers bars! Loved that place.