Wednesday, December 30, 2020

History of the Lion's Lair

The Playboy Lounge (photo courtesy Save the Signs)

The CBGB's of Denver, the Lion's Lair at 2022 E. Colfax Avenue, has a storied history. Upon further research through old Denver phone books and public records, this timeline emerged:

1926: Jno B Jr. Nellegar Autos (earliest available record)
1927-1928: Capital Motor Co.
Capitol Motor Co.
: Vacant
1931: De Berry Garment Co.
1933: GF Johnson Women's Wear
1934: Alvin T. Johnson Women’s Wear
1935-1936: Chas Gibboney took over the building as a restaurateur; later operated by Frank Banta (business name unknown)
1937-1938: The Salad Bowl (restaurant)
1939: The Skol Inn
1940-1955: Aladdin Tavern
1956-1962: Playboy Lounge
1963-1967: The Playroom
1968-1971: Aladdin Lounge
1972-1973: Lyon’s Lair, after the new owner John Lyons.
1974: The Lion’s Lair

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