Sunday, December 13, 2020

Café York


Axum Ethiopian Cuisine, at 5501 E. Colfax Avenue, used to be Café York which was one of the premier listening rooms in America in the 1970's. Jimmy Buffett played his first show in Colorado here.


  1. Around 1971 I used to go see some good music acts at Cafe York. Michael (Martin) Murphy was hardly known then but played there, before "Geronimo's Cadillac" & "Wildfire" ... Also the comic that was killed in a plane crash with Jim Croce, George Stevens. Cafe York kind of specialized in booking people BEFORE they got big, if they did.

  2. I was pretty young in the 70s but remember when it was the Athenian. I had no idea of the history. I have a lot of memories in this building.

  3. Manchild played there in the 70s promoting their new album. They were from New Orleans. I traveled with the band.