Friday, January 31, 2014

Colfax History: Holiday Chalet B & B

"Our small, immaculate hotel was originally Henry Bohm's Mansion, Mr. Bohm was a prominent Denver jeweler in 1896. It was purchased in 1912 by Noah Hayden Griffith and his wife Ida Lindsey. In 1952, it was converted to an AAA hotel. After Noah Hay-den died in the Flu Epidemic of 1918, Ida converted this mansion from a 12-room, 2-bath home to 12 efficiency apartments. It remained as an apartment house until 1952 when & Margaret Griffith converted it to a hotel. In 2002 The Holiday Chalet celebrated it's 50th birthday as a hotel bed & breakfast.

The third floor hosts a gathering place/library for games and reading, visiting or sharing coffee with other guests and friends or enjoying a sing-along around the piano.

Today's tea room was once Ida Lindsey's apartment from 1922 until her death in 1944. For the Bohm family this was once the parlor. In 1898 Baron Von Richtofen (great uncle to the Red Baron) laid in state prior to his funeral at Fairmont Cemetery.

Ida was a woman of refined taste, and her hobby was painting bone china and creating more than 51 original patterns over her lifetime. (She also had a kerosene kiln in the basement)."

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