Friday, March 22, 2013 Compilation CD Vol. 1

How fitting that the Compilation CD Vol. 1 is finally in stores the day the movie "On The Road" hits theaters in Denver! The CD features fifteen all original songs about Colfax Avenue, written and performed by Colorado Bands. All proceeds from the sale of the CD's are going to benefit the Colfax Community Network, an organization dedicated to helping homeless families find food and shelter. Please do your part and pick up a copy of the CD today at Twist and Shout! Thanks!!

1. "Hooker" - U.S. Pipe

2. "Champagne Like a Lady" - Slim Cessna’s Auto Club

3. “Boulevard of Broken Dreams” - Kevin DeForrest

4. "Where 0 Meets 15" - Five Iron Frenzy

5. “Defend Colfax” - Snake Mountain

6. “Colfax” - Carnie Bums

7. “Cold Facts of Life” - Burns Twice

8. “Heroes of Colfax Avenue” - Charly “City Mouse” Fasano

9. “Capitol Hill” - The New Olds

10. “The Avenue” - Umconscious

11. “Colfax” - FaceMan

12. “Heart of Colfax” - Andy Palmer

13. “She’s Colfax” – King Street Animals

14. “Colfax Avenue” - Walker Rose

15. “At The End of The Street” - Brent Loveday, Scott Baxendale, Jonny Barber

Artwork by Ian P. Gilchrist
Mastering by Bob Ferbrache at Absinthe  

Pick up a copy today at Twist & Shout on Colfax Avenue!

1 comment:

  1. Cover art looks great, and mastering by Bob Ferbrache, wow! Can't wait to hear one.......

    Thanks to all who made this happen!

    Bob Swanson
    The New Olds