Saturday, May 5, 2012

Scene on Colfax - The Congress

The Congress had their CD release party last night to celebrate the release of their debut full-length album Whatever You Want. The show was packed with people like it was a National Act and excitement was high for this electrifying Denver-based band. I caught up with The Congress' guitarist Scott Lane before the show, and Demon Funkies' Ryan Chrys snapped this shot:

Ryan Chrys, Scott Lane, and Jonny Barber
Ryan Chrys and Scott Lane check out the new posters
Reviews of the new album have been stellar so far. Here's one from "On the Congress's self-titled debut EP, the act drew on music of all sorts of styles and the result was a sound that was expressive and confident, subtle in parts and brazen in others. With the act's debut long-player, Whatever You Want, the outfit comes through with twice the swagger and sounds even more rocking and refined as it mixes in elements of guitar-heavy Southern rock infused with vibrant vocals and a heaping helping of soul."

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