Monday, August 19, 2013

Guardian Angels

     The mission of the Guardian Angels is to safeguard neighborhoods, schools, and cyberspace from crime and violence, through partnerships with educators, corporations, and community leaders, via programs that heighten risk awareness, foster character development, provide peaceful solutions, and empower individuals, especially our youth, to lead positive, productive, contributing lives.
Q&A with Denver Guardian Angel, Robert McLintick:
Tell our readers a bit about the Guardian Angels. History? Mission? Activities? The angels started in New York City in 1979 patrolling the subways and later on the local streets. We have since spread out to 86 cities in America and 9 countries around the world. Our mission is to create a safer environment and reconnect the community to itself and the police.  

What was your motivation to become a Guardian Angel? I got my start in 1989 at the age of 18. I just turned 38 so that's 19 years of service. My motivation was simple: I wanted to be a part of something positive that makes a difference and promotes change.

Why did the Guardian Angels vacate the headquarters on Colfax and Pearl? Unfortunately, we lost our office due to a lack of funding. We were doing parking behind the Argonaut that was 80% of our funding. Without that, we were out of options so we had to move but we're looking to getting back on the Hill.

What sort of training does one have to go through to in order to become a guardian angel? Our training is 140 hours consisting of knowing and understanding the law. You have to learn self defense, first aid, cert training and much more to become an angel.

 If a person is interested in becoming a Guardian Angel how do they get started? To become an angel call (303) 861-3078 or find us online at

Do you feel that the Guardian Angels receive the necessary support from the Denver community and city to be successful with the mission? We feel that we get great support from the police and the community.

Will you please give our readers (particularly our women readers) some expert advise on staying safe while on Colfax? To stay safe on Colfax try to use the buddy system when traveling on foot at night. Carry a small but bright flash light. Basically most people make themselves victims so be smart stay alert and you'll be safe.

What is the most bizarre thing you have ever seen on Colfax Avenue? It's hard to pick out one thing that's weird, I mean it's Colfax. Weird just happens.

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  1. Your organization should very carefully look at the SHOOTING IN SANFORD FL for what may happen to your members. George Zimmerman was an unpaid "nice neighbor" who was s member of NeighborHood Watch. He, just like your members, was walking in a community to report to the police. He was attacked and "they" are trying to put him away for life. If you look at this very carefully you will see you. This could happen to YOU. My advice: do not put your precious life in danger ....just get a good shotgun and buckshot. Stay in your home and if someone breaks in eliminate one or two bad guys. THANKS!