Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Denver Biscuit Co.

     Welcome to the Denver Biscuit Co. on Colfax Avenue! With a little bit of Southern goodness in every bite. Housed inside the Atomic Cowboy, they're serving up Denver's best breakfast sandwiches on their fresh homemade biscuits, and they serve them all night, too. The biscuits and all the fixin's are made fresh everyday. In fact, everything that comes out of their kitchen, from the sausage they grind and spice themselves, to the apple-butter -- is made from scratch, every day.      They kept the menu short and sweet, so that they could provide the best possible homemade food. They recycle and take care to choose environmentally friendly materials in their restaurant. So shine a little Southern goodness on your morning. 
     We were invited down to sample the fare, were greeted by the lovely Ashleigh and treated to a delightful Southern-style breakfast that Elvis himself surely would have sought out on his many trips to Denver. I recommend the tasty Franklin biscuit, with fried chicken, thick bacon slices, and sausage gravy with a Cinnamon Roll for dessert, followed by a brisk walk around City Park!

Guy Fieri and the Triple-D crew partied with
the Denver Biscuit Company recently. Take a peak!
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