Saturday, April 8, 2017


Menu courtesy Colfax Avenue Museum Collection
Wow! What interesting history behind this little menu from Denver Colorado. It is painted in black and white 3100 E. COLFAX/PICK-A-RIB/SPEER & BROADWAY. This was a Barbecue Car Hop, which started in 1940-1945. Some older Denver residents have such a fond memory of this place. They said that it was owned by an Ike and Lil Levitt, a Jewish couple who ran the place with the cook being Percy,  a huge, Black man, who was a very imposing figure.

The color scheme of the restaurant was black and white, which makes sense with the menu. I think it closed down in the 1950's. It was known to have the best barbecue in town. The building is now Annie's restaurant at the Colfax location and the Speer and Broadway location is business office space now. 
The "Pick-A-Rib" later moved to the "Monaco Bowling Lanes" at Leetsdale & Monaco and was called "Dave & Vickies Barbecue".


  1. remember it well wish is was still open

  2. I found the awesome menu at an antique shop here in Missouri and grabbed it up!! It is in perfect condition....and I love reading all the menu had to offer and the prices way back then. Pretty cool!!!!