Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Je Suis Martin - Be The Dream

My spin on the popular Charlie Hebdo sign of support was on purpose, and was designed to illustrate my understanding of the day, and who I truly am. 

The French part reflects how freedom of speech, equality, and our fight against injustice and racism is an issue that goes beyond our nation's borders.

Je Suis Martin represents all who were taken from us with a bullet, simply for exercising their right to express what they believe needs to be said.

Why Martin? Because I feel I identify more with the message of Martin Luther King Jr. and how he chose to deliver it, than that of Charlie.

I don't have to be Charlie to show my support of freedom of speech and condemn the terrorist attacks in Paris. I should be able to say I'm Not Charlie and stand with those who choose to say they are.

Je Suis Martin is how I choose to use my freedom of speech to communicate respect and compassion.
Just for fun, I also chose to personalize this sign with a more subtle design. The 'EA' in DREAM was also written in red to represent my Alma Mater, East High School. It's mascot is Angels (East Angels) and it's colors are red and white. I love that the Marade walks right past it from the MLK statue in City Park, and down Colfax Ave to Civic Center Park in front of the Colorado State Capitol.

The EA also represents public schools, the importance of education, and having the best teachers our tax dollars can fund. Knowledge is power! - by Tommy Kaui Nahulu


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