Saturday, May 17, 2014

Save the Signs: Eddie Bohn's Pig & Whistle

Photo by Jonny Barber
You may have noticed the Pig'n Whistle property on West Colfax has been fenced off. There are plans to turn the property into a marijuana dispensary. Currently, we're working with the West Colfax Business Improvement District and the property owner to ensure the sign gets saved.

This sign is historic, iconic and needs to be preserved. Eddie Bohn started his empire on West Colfax in 1924 with some cash he earned sparring with Jack Dempsey. The Pig saw numerous celebrities in the years that followed and remained a popular destination until the interstate highway system effectively choked off the businesses on Colfax. By the time Clint Eastwood filmed a scene there for the movie "Every Which Way But Loose" in the late 1970s, The Pig was already in decline. This sign and the old gas station building next to it are all that remain of Eddie Bohn's empire. Hopefully, they will remain for many years to come. (Courtesy Save the Signs)

Photo courtesy Punch Bohn
Recent renovations of the building have uncovered other signs with historical significance:

Photo by Colfax Jack

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