Friday, May 2, 2014

Denver Bicycle Misadventures: Albucrazy!

Google "denver bicycle colfax". Right now. Just do it.

Good. Now notice the picture of the lowrider bicycle that shows up mysteriously in the google+ listing...

It should look something like this:

My wife is from Albucrazy, New Mexico. She is accustomed to seeing the sparks fly from the backs of lowriders up and down the freeways of the southwest. She never had a problem with me being the only white boy in Denver to actually own and ride a lowrider bike that creates it’s own sparks on the sidewalks of the Mile High City.

But when our storage space in the garage was at a premium, I realized that its time had come…I had to sell it. So what did I do? Google “low rider bike Colfax”. And I got results, in fact, I got THE result: a photo of my EXACT bike next to an add for the Denver Bicycle shop at 6420 E. Colfax Avenue.

There was a cholo friendly bike shop on Colfax? I was made in the shade esse…I loaded up the bike in the van and made my way down to the Fax, so see if I could interest the obviously hip to the concept store owner.

When I brought it into the store to show the owner, he wasn’t around, but the very friendly and knowledgable service rep, Mike, was on hand. I told him my story and how I had found the picture of the lowrider google had associated with his store.

He started laughin til his ears turned blue. “I have no idea how that picture got there! None whatsoever..we have never sold, or even repaired one of those bikes…in fact, there is only one person that has ever come into the shop asking about them!”


“Yes, you.”

“You’re kidding”

“No, but I grew up in Albucrazy, and me and my suburban hoods used to rock the lowrider bikes with the tiny chain steering wheels, with rims that had like, 100 spokes! We even used to jump those things!”

“Wow. So did my wife! Any interest in the bike for the store?”

“None. Whatsoever.”

“Well, I’m handy with computers, do you want me to help you get that photo off your google search?”

“Nah, I kinda like it, and seeing as it brought us in, like, ONE customer, I’d say it’s doing its job!”

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