Thursday, May 1, 2014

Colfax by Ted Thacker

The inimitable Ted Thacker is raising money for a documentary about Denver's Colfax Avenue. This 26-mile street is the funky equator of Denver where the city's remarkable geographic and cultural personality is concentrated. Much of the city's boom and bust cycle is represented in the architecture and people on this strip that reaches from the eastern plains of Aurora almost to the foothills in Golden, passing many notable music venues, clusters of immigrant restaurants, the Bugs Bunny motel, and YES, Casa Bonita. Locals, this is your chance to be a part of a project that celebrates the kitchy and multicultural jumble that is the spine of Denver, the Queen City of the Plains!

From Ted's Kickstarter page:

"Colfax is my favorite street in America! Isn't it yours? If it isn't, this documentary will change your mind!
Everybody loves a dirty boulevard. Especially one so illustrious and full of life as Colfax Avenue. I know it has been done (and I do mean done) many times before and probably to good effect but it has never been done by me. I plan to reach into my cinematic knowledge and love of film to find the truest and most memorable story lines from this incredible place in America. I plan to follow the cinematic stylings of some of my favorite super heroes of film: The Maysles Brothers, Errol Morris and Les Blank (If you're unfamiliar with any of these folks, please, please click the links, you won't be disappointed). In the end I will produce fun and cinematic sketches of a hand full of the people who make Colfax such an incredible street. I will also be writing, performing and recording the lion's share of music for this film.
I have enlisted some great local talent from both the musical and film production sides. I have the incomparable Brook Aiken, Director of Photography for the Academy Award winning film The Cove to shoot a bit with me. I have Warren Miller's post production audio guru Kelly Gary doing my post audio and hope to have the great cinematographer and post colorist Jon Firestone doing post color.
Musically, I have a list of local greats assembled that includes Nick Urata of Devotchka possibly playing with me in the studio for the film. There will also be stand alone numbers from Tom Hagerman from Devotchka, Dressy Bessy, Slim Cessna's Auto Club, Magic Cyclops, Jeep MacNichol of Mr. Anonymous' new thing, The Plates... And the Manxx! Musically, this is going to be excellent fun.
I may be absolutely out of my mind but I think this will end up being a great project and the start of a new branch for my career...if we make it happen."

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