Friday, March 21, 2014

Colfax History: Zanza Bar

Advertising for the Zanza Bar, formerly located on 10601 East Colfax. Thought it had been around since the '40s, it is best known as a location for the Clint Eastwood film Every Which Way But Loose. (courtesy The Denver Eye)
Zanza Bar - photo by Tom Noel (courtesy Denver Library Western History Collection)


  1. Had many a beer there back in the 50 - 60s. No matter what band was playing it always said WESTERN ALL STARS on the sign.

  2. I lived in Denver and then Aurora during the 1970's. Zanzabar was always the place to get your Urban Cowboy on, Aurora had lots of Airmen from Lowry AFB and Buckley AFB, much farther east. Zanzibar was famous!!!

  3. I remember being stationed at Lowry in 1976. Went to the Zanzabar to see Ray Cobb and the High Country. When I saw it in the movie Every Which Way But Loose, I stood up and shouted.