Friday, December 7, 2012

Next To New Furniture

Michael and Rhonda Washington moved to Colorado from Ohio four years ago. In May this year, they opened Next to New Furniture at 9728 E Colfax Avenue, serving the community with a store full of previously loved quality furniture at garage sale prices. “Why rent when you can buy?” is their motto.

To offer the quality of furniture that they have in stock, Rhonda and Michael spend time looking for relocating families that cannot bring all their furniture to the new destination and folks who are downsizing. Many of them are military families. All items are carefully selected, and only those considered good enough for their own home will be purchased.

Looking around the store, you’ll see different styles of modern furniture for the different rooms in a home, as well as office furniture. There is a photo-catalog on the wall to help customers identify their desired styles, and Rhonda often helps customers find furniture according to individual tastes. If what you want is not in store, Michael and Rhonda will also help you find items to match your home d├ęcor! In addition to delivery service, they also offer 90 day Layaway for qualified purchases.

Michael and Rhonda also work in partnership with Urban Thrift and Earth Oils just next door to them. Urban Thrift is managed by Rachel Torres and offers new and used clothing and fashion accessories, as well as home decorations, arts and crafts, and tableware. Earth Oils is managed by Karen Johnson, and she specializes in body oils and lotions, soaps and fashion accessories.

During my visit to Next to New Furniture, several visitors from the community dropped by to connect with Rhonda, bringing neighborly gifts for her and her family. Renee Starr from Expertise Cuts and Styles across the street came by to talk about their upcoming Christmas Day Holiday Dinner Event.

Rhonda and Michael are truly community partners here in the Aurora Cultural Arts District. In the short time they have been here, they have made such an impact in our community, not only by connecting with customers, but also getting to know the local residents, and being friendly hosts when they drop by. Next to New Furniture reminds me of the good old days when neighbors knew one another, and purchased what they needed from the neighborhood shops, where there was always time for a chat and good cheer. Visit Rhonda and Michael and see what they have! You might just go home with that special chair or table — just the kind you’ve been looking for!

Michael and Rhonda joined the Aurora Cultural Arts District in October this year. You can reach them at 9728 E Colfax, or 303-361-6969, and also We extend a belated welcome to our new members, along with our best wishes!

Thanks and have a very Merry Christmas!

May W. Yipp


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