Saturday, August 27, 2016

Transit opens at DAVA September 22nd

Transit explores the future of transportation with artworks by DAVA youth focused on modes of transportation and the design process. Works by Industrial Design students from Metropolitan State University complete the exhibit. You are invited to the opening reception and special film screening Thursday September 22nd, from 4 pm to 7:30 pm.  The exhibit runs through November 18th, 2016. DAVA (Downtown Aurora Visual Arts) is located at 1405 Florence Street, one block south of Colfax in the Aurora Cultural Arts District. All DAVA exhibits are free and open to the public from 10 am to 5 pm, Monday through Friday or by appointment.
David Klein, professor of Industrial Design at Metropolitan State University came to our studios to initiate the design process with DAVA students.  He will contribute a selection of drawings, computer renderings and 3D models created by students from his department at Metro.
DAVA’s Job Training Students in Computer and Fine arts, along with select high school students, examined the evolution of transportation devices, then researched and developed future designs. Younger students, in DAVA’s Open Studio created a fully articulated road scene with vehicles and boats, bicycles and traffic signs.
Also included in this exhibit are the results of fast paced summer projects in art and technology. 15 short films related to the future of transportation will be shown, produced by DAVA students led by Professor Geoffrey Chadwick from the Colorado Film School at Lowry. A new remote controlled “artbot” will be introduced, created during a special section of robotics in our Job Training program.

Downtown Aurora Visual Arts is a nonprofit arts organization whose mission is to strengthen the community through the arts with a primary focus on youth engagement. For more information about our programs, visit

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