Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Lincoln Park Homes: One of Denver's Earliest Public Housing Projects

Photo by Clayton B Fraser
The Lincoln Park Homes complex, at the corner of West Colfax Avenue and Mariposa Street, is one of Colorado's earliest public housing projects. One of three such projects planned by the Denver Housing Authority soon after the agency's formation in 1938, the Homes represent a period in Denver's History when the defense industry was hitting its peak and government subsidization of public housing was just beginning in the state. The Homes are a product of New Deal efforts to revitalize the economic and moral fiber of the nation. What was once an innovative solution to the public housing needs of Depression-era Denver is now a sobering reminder of the ongoing problems associated with providing for the poor and rehabilitating deteriorating neighborhoods. There are now unoccupied, in preparation for demolition. The Homes are also significant for their place in the lengthy and prolific career of Denver architect Temple Buell. Certainly not one of his more memorable projects, the Lincoln Park Homes represent a transition in Buell's work, from his Depression-era to World War II-era projects.

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  1. You need a "follow" button for WordPress folks like me who would like to find this in their Reader without going through the whole email thing. Denver born and mostly raised, returned in my 20's stayed until the economy crashed in my 30's, I would have moved back but the "gentrification" priced me right out of my home town. That's OK; I found a different Colorado paradise to return to when I retired, but I still love Denver and Colfax was a big "street" in my life. I love your photos and stories