Saturday, October 10, 2015

Bugs Bunny Motel

A West Colfax landmark! They got into a lawsuit with Warner Brothers and had to change the name to the 'Big Bunny Motel' in 1997. Actress Sue Lyon (Lolita) reputedly tried to commit suicide by jumping out the window, but failed miserably, as the motel is only one story.


  1. Walking west across the parking lot and street (Kendall) in the '70s was the infamous "Freddie's Lounge" - home of some of the best live music in Denver at the time. Great bands like Trixie's "Triple A," the Flyers, Ace Pancakes, Willie Nelson played there also. A legend, now long gone, along with the "Bugs" now "Big Bunny."

    1. Sue Lyon, from "Lolita" stayed at the Bugs when she was married to a convict in the state prison.