Sunday, July 21, 2013

Colfax History: Rocky Mtn. Motel

This cool early '50's style Rocky Mtn. Motel sign was replaced with a more modern looking one when the facility was revamped many years ago. The original sign here once caught fire when an electrical short in the "Weekly Rates / Kitchenette" light box sparked and burned, leaving a big black singe mark on both sides of the sign.

The motel, located at 6001 W. Colfax, got a lot of use from the "Rock n' Roll crowd" during the '80's & '90's as it was located right next door to the once rowdy rock club CP's Tavern, and directly across the street from the old Taylor's Supper Club which later became another wild rock venue during those years. (Courtesy: Denver Retro Metro)

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