Friday, January 18, 2013

Rob Drabkin's Birthday Bash at the Bluebird

By Tyra Sutak

     Sometimes in life, you cross paths with people that you can’t help but like. The kind of genuine people that radiate positivity and throw sparks of life into a crowded room…the kind of people who make it impossible to be angry around.
Photo by Todd Roeth
     Denver-based singer/songwriter, Rob Drabkin, is definitely one of those people.
     Easily recognizable in the local music scene by his head of sky-high curly locks and infectious smile, Drabkin is kicking off the New Year by throwing himself his Annual Birthday Bash at The Bluebird Theatre tomorrow night.  For the sixth year in a row he’ll celebrate by performing a combination of new music, original songs from his previous five albums and, of course, a few of his favorite Paul Simon songs that he covers so well.  As many of his fans know, it just isn’t a Rob Drabkin show without a stripped down version of “Diamonds on the Soles of her Shoes”.
     Having left a career utilizing his degree in science from Trinity University in 2007, Drabkin grabbed his guitar and set out on his own to pursue his musical dreams. “I woke up one day and decided that I really wanted to do music,” he said.
     And “do music,” Drabkin did. He started playing open mic nights and coffee shops all over town, mastered the vulnerable art of performing acoustically, refined and developed his natural songwriting skills, and eventually worked his way up and on stages at The Walnut Room, The Soiled Dove, The Bluebird—and the mack-daddy of all venues in Colorado—Red Rocks Amphitheatre—where he opened for REO Speedwagon and STYX in 2012.
     These days, Drabkin is definitely living his dream and has settled nicely into the singer-songwriter niche in Denver’s prestigious music community as the leader of a talented 5-piece band, performing a mix of energetic and soulful tunes with an “edgy-jam rock feel.”
     His music is upbeat and carries a relaxed and positive vibe—which is an absolute mirror reflection of Drabkin himself.  With the recent release of his sixth album, he feels like he’s definitely hitting his stride as an artist and a musician.  “I’m really excited about this CD. It’s cool to see how the music has developed, how my voice has changed and how the sound has changed,” says Drabkin. “I feel very proud about sharing it.”
Like most people on their birthday, Drabkin will have family in the house on Friday night to celebrate with, but unlike most people on their birthday, his accomplished, talented saxophone-playing dad, Harry Drabkin, will be joining him on stage to add some jazz action to a few songs.
     And his mom—well like any good mom celebrating her son’s birthday, his mom will be bringing cake—for everyone. That’s right, live music by the winner of Westword Magazine’s “Best Singer-Songwriter” three years in a row—and birthday cake by is mom.
     Doesn’t get much better than that.

      Drabkin will take the stage at the Bluebird following opening performances by the whimsical, classically-trained, all-girl folk band, SHEL, and a solo performance by singer-songrwiter, Dave Tamkin.
Advanced tickets for this show are $12.00 and $15.00 day-of
Birthday cake and smiles on the house.

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