Friday, November 9, 2012

Letter to the Editor: Greek Town Street Lights

Dear Colfax Business friends:
If I haven't met you yet, I hope you will stop by Red Mango for a yogurt (on me) and a chat!
I was so thrilled about the pretty new blue Greek Town street lights that were erected a few months ago...and their lack of light bulbs was no big deal for a while.  But now, with the sun setting at 5pm and my business feeling the effects, I really wish the job could be finished quickly ... light bulbs and all!
I wrote to Councilwoman Robb's office and one response is below. Should I just keep waiting, or do you think there are other "pressure points"?  Who could I nudge to get bulbs installed before December?
If you have any advice or other contacts for me, please do share!
Peace and Fro-Yo,

Katie Reinisch, Owner
Red Mango - Denver   720-708-2903
2504 E. Colfax (between Elizabeth and Columbine, near Tattered Cover)
Denver, CO 80206
Facebook/Twitter: #RedMangoEastColfax

Dear Councilwoman Robb:
Could your office find out who is in charge of the new Greek Town Street lamps on the 2300-2700 blocks of East Colfax? They've been up for many weeks (maybe months?) but the bulbs have never been installed. I think better lighting will really help the businesses in the area, especially as the Denver Film Festival begins tomorrow, and the fall Daylight Savings change, with its much earlier sunsets, is just a week away. My shop, Twist & Shout, Tattered Cover, and the other family oriented businesses in the Lowenstein, as well as East HS, look forward to the new night-time lighting.
Thank you,
Katie Reinisch


Hi Katie,
I am still waiting to hear back from the Public Information Officer for this project about more specifics but below is her initial response regarding the lights…
“Work on the control cabinet power feed connections and meter installations is continuing and progressing well. As those power feeds are established, the new pedestrian lights will be turned on. We expect this work to continue through this month.”
I just received an email from her this morning saying that she is still working on it though.
Stay tuned..
Emily Liff
Aide to Councilwoman Jeanne Robb

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