Sunday, November 4, 2012

Heard on Colfax: Adam Goldstein

Adam Goldstein
      "Taking a drive down East Colfax Avenue can still feel like a taking some kind of cruel, middle school geography quiz. Dayton, Geneva, Hanover, Jamaica, Lansing, Lima, Peoria, Scranton. The cross streets are a hodgepodge of cities and countries. Streets named after ho-hum American cities run parallel to routes with much more epic namesakes. Xanadu Street, for example, is named after a mythical city referenced in a Samuel Coleridge poem from 1816.

      But most of the places immortalized in Aurora’s street system are much less spectacular, especially in a modern context. Elkhart Street’s namesake is a town in Indiana that boasts the title of 'Trailer Capital of the World.' The claim to fame for Ironton, Ohio is as the home of the Ironton Tanks, one of the first professional football teams in the United States. Oswego, New York sits on Lake Ontario, and tourism officials never miss a chance to promote life jackets." --- Adam Goldstein, The Aurora Sentinel

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