Thursday, September 8, 2016

The Blue Onion Bar and Motor Lodge

The Blue Onion Bar located at 8615 East Colfax opened in 1947. It would later become the Green Onion, several other restaurants and bars have been located there since including, El Rojo Bar and Grill, El Tarahumara Restaurant, Rincon Tropical, it is currently Sheyla's Nightclub.

The Blue Onion Motel at 8675 East Colfax was originally the Compass Motor Lodge built in 1947 as well. The motel was scraped and the site is now the parking lot for Sheyla's Nightclub.

Just to the west is the A-Bar-G Motel and to the West is the Motel 9, formerly the Palimino Motor Lodge.

Photo (National Archives Identifier 6850924, Box 309)


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