Thursday, May 7, 2015

Bird's eye view of Colfax Avenue

Bird's eye view of Colfax Avenue, Montclaire, near Denver, Colorado

This lithographic souvenir of Arbor Day in 1887 shows a bird's eye view of Colfax Avenue from Montclair 350 feet above Denver, Colorado. Real estate dealer W. B. von Richthofen presented the souvenir which was printed by the Denver Lithograph Company. The map identifies Long's Peak and many sections of the city including City Park, Rohling's Addition, Hartman's Addition, Bellevue, Park Hill, Colfax Heights, Downington, Colfax Terrace, Von Richthofen's, addition to Montclair, the Zoological Gardens, Kensington, Montclair Gardens, Colfax Gardens, Hayden Dickinson's Subdivision, Montrose, and Garden City.

Creator: Denver Lithograph Company
Date: 1887

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