Sunday, June 15, 2014

Self Defense Awareness Fundamentals for Everyone (S.A.F.E.)

woman practicing hand to hand self defense tactics with her self defense instructor in a gym in Park Hill, Colorado

S.A.F.E. is an advance yet simple self-defense system offered now at Urban Survival Fitness designed for:
  • Crime Prevention
  • Personal Safety
  • Self Defense
  • General Wellness

A woman wondering if she has the self defense skills to defend herself in Park Hill, ColoradoCall Us Today! (720-838-4401)

It's Your Life - Take Control Of It!

Take control of your life today - Enroll in one of our self defense classes - Call Us to Reserve Your Spot!
Classes can be held at our Spacious Facility - Your Facility - In the Park - or at a Reasonable Location of Your Choice

woman practicing hand to hand self defense tactics with her self defense instructor in a gym in Park Hill, Colorado

Why Should I Take this Class?

Statistics show that the greater number of defensive methods employed during an attack, the higher the chance of escape.
Get the skills you need to handle various self-defense situations.
The more Prepared You are to Defend Yourself - The Less Likely it is that You will ever have to.

Can I Do This? - Absolutely!

We create an environment where you feel comfortable enough to challenge yourself and discover your strength. Learn to use your entire body, regardless of your strength, size, body type, or level of fitness.
Students of up to 81 years of age have completed this course.
Determination and the Desire to take control of your life is all that is required.

A woman practicing hand to hand self defense tactics against a self defense instructor with a knife in a gym in Park Hill, Colorado

Get the Fulfillment & Freedom You Deserve

How much more fulfilling would your life be, and how much more freedom would you experience if you knew how to recognize and respond to a potentially dangerous situation? Using a Hands-On & Lecture Combo - Students Practice the Self-Defense Techniques Required - To Focus on the Physical, Emotional & Psychological aspects of an attack. Learn counter strategies that will Protect Yourself and those You Love.

Turn Fear into Effective - Self-Defense Energy

Address Lack of Confidence - Helplessness & Anger. Gain new Awareness of your Physical Potential - Emotional Strength & Confidence.

A scared woman attempting to fend of an attacker in Park Hill, Colorado


Limited Space Available...
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3 hour - Group Classes - $75 / Person
Group Rates Available...

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