Thursday, April 17, 2014

My Love For You is Like Colfax...

You gotta love this hand-printed card from! Ahh...yes, Colfax. Who doesn't have a story about it? Here's their tribute to the longest commercial street in the nation. This is the first printing of the card, which has sold out two additional printings. Looks like Coloradans feel the same way about you, Colfax!

What started as their letterpress-card tribute to the longest (at times dirtiest) commercial street in America has now turned into a glorious screenprinted-T-shirt tribute. Inspired by the hypnotizing vintage neon signs that line Colfax, this T-shirt will make you wanna drink malt liquor before noon and yell sweet nothings at complete strangers. Okay, they can't promise it will do that, but it will add to your street cred.

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