Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Heard on Colfax #2

"Yesterday, I was driving down Colfax when I saw a car with a vanity plate that said "LOVE4MJ". It was so irksome that I wanted to ram him because although I'm all for legalized mah-rah-joo-wahna, I'm so over the whole stoner ethos and Colorado being branded as Happy Hippie Haven. Then, we got stopped at a light and I noticed all his stickers and license plate frame - he was a Michael Jackson fan. An obsessive one." - Franklin Bell

Posted on our Facebook.com page: "I love you "THE FAX", I delivered for Famous Pizza for 5 years baby, and I think if anyone, I found your G-spot. Stay around forever and make me feel at home..." 

Submitted via e-mail: Wanted to drop you a note and ask if there would be any way we could get a friend of mine some recognition on your site for her achievements. She took first place (fine arts) a few weeks ago during Denver's Taste of Colorado and was set up on the north east part of the fair right on Colfax.
Her work was also acknowledged by a friend of hers winning a runner up award in another category for his straight up chess sets/art/wall hangings. This is a big deal also because many of Kendall's frames were around the chess sets that took this runner up award.
     Her web site is www.backwoodsart.com and her name is Kendall Vonfeldt. She has no idea I am writing this. I am just another vendor from the show although we know each other well. I just think she deserves the recognition for all her hard work. Thanks for taking the time to read this e-mail.

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